What kind of TV I can turn into digital sign?

Any TV can be used as long as it has an HDMI input. You may use computer monitors or projectors, however you will have to set up audio separately. The beauty of HDMI is that it carries both audio and video in the same connection.

How many panels can I show simultaneously?

With a standard license, only one full screen panel. With PRO or PRO+ you may create as many panels as you wish.

Can I show videos in one panel and livestream TV in another?

You can show livestream TV as well as videos on any panel(s) simultaneously, but keep in mind that they will share the speakers and audio from both panels will overlap.

What can I show in single panel?

You can show Livestream TV or any number of images, pdf files, webpages, mp4 videos, animated GIF, word documents, excel sheets etc. Please see our Pricing & Features page for more information.

Can I display websites?

Yes. You may also wish to display a website in a fullscreen panel and then overlay other panels to hide undesired elements of that website.

Can I schedule content visibility?

You can assign a date range to individual items and they will only be visible during that period.

Do I have to use a compute stick, in order to run WaitApp?

No. Any existing Windows 10 PC will work. We recommend compute sticks because of their small size and ability to fit behind the TV even when wall/ceiling  mounted.

Can I run WaitApp on point of sale terminal?

Yes, so long as your POS is running Windows 10 and you are allowed to install 3rd party software on it.