Multiple Pannels

One panel or as many as needed


Horizontal and/or Vertical

Feed Content

Locally or On-Cloud


In or Out

Business Profile

Suitable for any type of business from medical centres and restaurants to shopping malls and airports

Flexible Content

Supports: live streaming TV, any type of image, PDF documents, flyers, Word documents, Excel, rotating text..

Digital Signage in Pharmacies



Flyers on Vertical Screen

Digital Signage

  • Digital Signage is modern and impressive. It is a great way to attract customer’s attention while they are browsing your pharmacy or just waiting for the service.
    People are more likely to pay attention to your messages if you are displaying: promotions, videos and/or news all at the same time.
  • It provides owners with an edge over their competitors. If they already have it, so should you.
  • Can be installed at the point of sale and helps to engage customers, telling them about products or services they did not know you were providing.
  • Digital signage allows you to generate additional revenue from advertisers, especially for places such as malls or medical centers.
  • You have full control over what is displayed. You have ability to determine the time frame when you want information to be displayed.
  • The library of Pharmacy specific content included.

Choose Your Plan:


Turn TV or your Monitor into a digital sign with single panel.


Turn TV or your Monitor into a digital sign with multiple panels and manage content locally and/or from the cloud.